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Everyone Who Wants Things To Stay The Same Say “Aye”

A few days ago I received word that the online digital scrapbooking program I use, is being discontinued.  In April I will no longer be able to create the beautiful family albums full of embarrassing tales, silly and precious pictures.  The program I’ve used for years will just stop.  I know people who have stopped…
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Aren’t You The Prettiest Little Minister

I recently had an article published in Gathering: Resources for Worship Planners.  It’s a jewel of a resource for liturgy and conversations around worship, produced by the United Church of Canada.   The focus topic for the Pentecost II 2015 issue was:  What do we wear in worship as worship leaders and why?  What should worshippers…
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For Us

A poem for Holy Week.  May it help you draw nearer to God, reflecting on the gift of our Savior for you. For Us For us, Christ was given. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only …’ (John 3:16) Yet we loved not Jesus. Some loved him, yes. Some loved him,…
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Ever feel like you’re losing?  I don’t mean good loss, like losing weight or losing debt.  I mean the days when it feels like you are being defeated, failing.  I posted on my personal Facebook page earlier today, that yesterday “I was losing at motherhood.”  It was one of those particularly trying days; kids were crying, fighting,…
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I’m Going To Find Something That Does Not Exist

My eldest son approached me last weekend with excitement.  “I’m on a quest.”  He announced.  “I’m going to find something that does not exist!”  Hmmm.  A few minutes later he returned, quite pleased, with a robot dog in tow and a sock hanging where it’s ear should be.  A dog with an artificial sock ear, I guess this may be…
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